Matt Caseli Ibiza Pool Party

Saturday February 23 represented a few firsts at Xana beach club with Attica, on Bang Tao beach. The launch of the pool party concept coupled with Matt Caseli’s first appearance on the island and the collaboration with Essentialibiza had created a bit of a buzz. All of the day beds and cabanas were booked in advance and by the time the party kicked off at 2pm, the pool was busy and there was a cool, relaxed vibe. Xana with Attica is a stunning beach club overlooking Bang Tao beach, which holds its own with any of the world’s the beach clubs. The infinity pool offers an alternative to the sea with one of the island’s finest stretches of golden sand only a yard away.

The music started off at a gentle pace, offering a cool soundtrack to get us in the mood for the party that would be coming later. Huge pink beach beanbags floated in the pool, providing the occupants with the perfect spot for lying back, bobbing in time to the music and soaking up the sun. The days prior to the pool party had been overcast with some showers but even the weather Gods had decided that the pool party was the perfect concept. The rain dance – a huge unit that sprayed water simulating rain – was set up on the beach where the dancefloor ended, offering the perfect spot to cool down while you got your groove on.

For the kids, there was a giant bouncy castle, which proved hugely popular, there were a few parents edging around the periphery clearly considering kicking off their sandals and jumping on! The talented and patient staff of the Angsana Laguna Kids Club were on hand to make sure everything was safe and had the kids in head scarfs marching onto the beach to play games at one point, leaving the adults to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and some great beach beats. The crowd was a mixture of hotel guests, local families and some tourists that had heard about the party, making an interesting mix, adding to the overall vibe of the debut pool party.

Kicking off the party were two local DJs, James D and Emanuel Skinner, better known around these parts as the Evil Twinz. Their first set was the perfect starting point for the eleven-hour party, deep beats, cool melodies and a nice vocal or two, it wasn’t long before toes were twitching in time to the music from beds around the pool and on the beach, heads were nodding and some of the kids showed the adults how it is done by taking to the dancefloor. Around 5pm, a stream of elegant models appeared at the top of the Xana with Attica pool, paused for just long enough for a few snaps from the crowd and them paraded through the beach club, across the garden and along the side of the beach in bikinis and accessories from Banyan Tree Gallery located within the Laguna resort. I would be lying if I wasn’t rooting for the girls to get into the rain dance but unfortunately they swerved it and carried on to the end of the beach club before coming back around. It seemed to spark the crowd into action because at this point the dancefloor started to pick up.

Swiss DJ Marco had taken over from the Evil Twinz and carried on the cool soundtrack, using vinyl, which was great to see again. Marco actually carried his own turntables with him when travelling to Phuket! As the dancefloor started to pick up, Swedish due Troy Douglas took over DJ duty. In Phuket on holiday, they had seen the pool party flyer and dropped a mix in to the beach club try and get included in the party, turns out to be a great inclusion as they dropped some nu-disco and took the floor in a slightly different direction, keeping everyone dancing in the process. The sun has almost disappeared for the day, unfortunately, there is a little cloud around and we don’t get the benefit of the stunning sunset that Xana with Attica has become famous for but. Darkness descends and the second part of the party kicked in.

Matt Caseli is an international DJ who has circumnavigated the globe more than once, yet he has never landed and played in Phuket. Having witnessed the day unfold, he was itching to get behind the booth and takes the party up a gear or two. For the next few hours he drops some of his own bombs alongside some huge club bangers as well as a few classics and has the crowd jumping up and down. Numbers swelled as the night progressed culminating in a packed dancefloor demanding one more tune, twenty minutes after the party was due to stop! Sister Sledge classic, We Are Family was the last tune of the night and left the packed floor shouting for one more.

Essentialibiza presents the pool party will return with house superstar Sandy Rivera on March 9 with another chance to enjoy the stunning venue and surroundings. See you by the pool!


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