Ibiza Pool Party At Xana With Attica

Ibiza Pool Party At Xana With Attica

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The sun is high in the sky, the clouds have taken a seemingly endless vacation and the temperature gauge is soaring, it must be time for the latest Xana Beach Club with Attica pool party. Bang Tao is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon, the white sands and blue waters of the sea make for a breathtaking view from the comfortable cabana that we are occupying for todays party. It has it’s own electricity source so running out of phone battery is not an option and the tunes from the DJ booth are piped through our very own sound system! Jo Mills is the latest in a long line of international DJs to grace the decks at this new beach club and she brings with her a flavor of the world famous party island of Ibiza…

First up is some local talent and DJ Marco, who plays solely off of vinyl, that takes me back a bit. His tunes are as deep as the sea that we look out on and he has toes tapping and moving as sun worshippers lying all along the beach star to notice the music. Next up is Emanuel Skinner, he maintains the cool tempo, dropping some luscious beach house with a real groovy edge to it. There is nothing better than listening to great music while relaxing in the sun on the beach. The daytime party has become a phenomenon over the last few years and it comes in different forms. You have the middle of the season Ibiza pool party, similar to the all year round Vegas pool party, where the beats are chunky, the volume is loud and the crowd is going off. This is not that kind of party, this is the relaxed, bring your family to the beach and let the groove take you on an afternoon kind of pool party. People are grooving in the pool and the vibe is very cool and relaxed.

Jo Mills takes over the booth late afternoon and drops it down slightly, dropping some rare groove and soul before building it back gradually to the cool deep house beats that she has become famous for. Jo plays at many of Ibiza’s better beach clubs, from Ocean Beach to Sirocco to Blue Marlin Ibiza where her mix of soul, funk and house has made her one of the most popular spinners during the day. The Xana with Attica pool is packed; there are some dancers on the edge of the pool as we head towards sunset. There is a special atmosphere when it comes to sunset, the sun drifts below the horizon and the wildlife around the area bursts into action delivering a crescendo of chirps and squawks, celebrating the end of another day. The heat becomes almost bearable and another delicious cocktail sets us up for the evening event.

Jo takes a well earned bow and James Dougal takes over deck duty, taking the party up a notch but still maintaining the cool vibe. Our cabana is in a straight dance off with a group of girls occupying the beds directly opposite us and I feel good about our chances of winning. Besides, something tells me our bottle of grey goose may temp them to forfeit their claim to victory later on. Partying during the day has so many benefits, you can gradually ease yourself into the party, you can get home early if you want but most of all there is nothing that quite matches the feeling of getting your groove on in the open air and with the option of popping into the pool even after the sun has set, it’s a no brainer. It has been a great day out and one that we will be repeating in the very near future. Rumour has it that Xana Beach club with Attica has a huge pool party planned for Songkran, it makes perfect sense! Time to stop writing and get involved in the beach BBQ…

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