Healy Turns Xana Black And Gold


Jeremy Healey has enjoyed a colourful career as a DJ and producer of dance music. He has circumnavigated the globe more than once, headphones in hand delivering energetic performances to packed dancefloors in some of the world’s finest venues. Throughout his career he has enjoyed a relationship with the fashion industry, becoming the go-to DJ for high profile shows – working with some of the most prestigious fashion brands, from Christian Dior to Emilio Pucci and Hillfiger – where his ability to plan as well as execute the perfect catwalk accompaniment is legendary. Healy has also been recruited to work alongside some of the biggest international music artists including Mary J Blige, Justin Tomberlake, Beyonce, Rhianna, Usher and Maroon 5.

A regular traveller to Asia, Jeremy popped into Xana with Attica not long after our opening and was stunned by the beauty of the beach club. Having delivered one of our favourite performances to date we have been looking for an opportunity to bring him back to Phuket and Friday June 7 for our Black & Gold party gives us the chance. We caught up with Jeremy ahead of his latest gig in Xana with Attica…

You’ve played in Asia several times in the last decade, how has the scene evolved?
I first played in Asia way back in ‘93 at Zouk in Singapore, I guess that must be the daddy of all Asian clubs, then we would go on to Double Six in Bali, end up playing pubs in Oz, rough and ready but a lot of fun, that is how it started.

You made tour debut at Xana Beach Club with Attica this year, what are your impressions of the venue?
Amazing, sleek and chic, it’s the era of the beach club, they are opening up all over now and clubbers have started going out in the afternoons and actually sleeping at night!

Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world, Phuket has been cited as a potential Ibiza in Asia, is that something you would agree with?
Over the Xmas period there are probably more peeps partying in Phuket than Ibiza, the weather s better.

Having been at the top of your game for years, how do you maintain your hunger for DJing?
It’s just such a joyful thing, I love being in the middle.

Do you still have a passion for finding and chasing new tunes?
That’s my homework, the boring bit but its gotta be done, and when you find something good, eureka.

Which producers are exciting you musically at the moment?
I am diggin’ Mozarts House by Clean Bandit.

You have been the go to DJ for many of the top designers, what challenges does a fashion show offer different to a normal club party?
A fashion show is more like a silent film you colour with music, that can be emotional or a soundscape, to take you somewhere else, as opposed to DJing, which is all about getting and keeping everyone on that dancefloor.

Which do you prefer, playing for the dancefloor or the catwalk and why?
Well the biggest show of the year is always the Victoria Secrets fashion TV show, 20 million viewers last year, so that’s quite a buzz, obviously that is a huge production with many artists collaborating on it, we’ve had Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Jay Z, Kanye, Beyonce, you name them, it’s fantastic. But I just love to get back to DJing when it’s done.

What are your top tips for dealing with jet lag?
Melatonin, I won’t take sleeping pills, but these are herbal and help you to drift off nicely.

What are the first three things into your case when you set off on a long tour?
Computer, Serato and headphones otherwise there’s no show.

Having played all over the world, if you could choose to live in any city you have been, which would it be?
My base is London but I spend a lot of time in New York for work and Sydney for fun, I’m a bit of a beach bum.

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