DJ Kensho Foxy Friday Debut

Foxy Friday has been gathering momentum since the concept first launched a few weeks ago. Last Friday saw the brand new resident, DJ Kensho, take control of the stunning Xana with Attica booth overlooking Bang Tao beach for the first time. Kensho has been a popular member of the Phuket scene for the last few years, delivering energetic performances throughout his stay, from corporate events to the vinyl only hip-hop session at Vinyl Café, he has an eclectic taste in music and is more than able to turn his hand to whatever the party needs.

Foxy Friday sees him take the club on a slightly more commercial tip, but still maintaining the quality that Xana with Attica has become known for. It wasn’t long after he began his debut that people started dropping into the beachfront venue. The half price cocktails for ladies all night was a massive hit as the tables filled up with mulit-coloured concoctions and it wasn’t long before the dancefloor started filling up. Kensh took the floor on a journey from old school bootlegs, incorporating the Beatles to nu school commercial dance and some classic hip hop cuts thrown in for good measure. The eclectic mix of music works well on the Friday night, getting the ladies on the floor from the off and eventually enticing the boys to follow.

Half way through the night, with the atmosphere building and the floor filling nicely, Xana with Attica was invaded by MTV America, filming some footage for the forthcoming series ‘The Challenge’. The guys and girls mixed with the Xana with Attica crowd and really got involved in the party. The influx of party animals kicked the vibe up a notch and the floor remained full for the rest of the night, making it a debut to remember for the talented spinner. Reacting to the packed floor, Kensho and partner in crime for the night, DJ Criminal, visiting the island and dropping a few beats while he is here, up the tempo slightly, dropping some of the bigger crossover hits of the last few years, mixing them with some sneaky bootlegs and generally keeping the floor moving. There was vocal support from the MTV crew, who were clearly loving the deadly duo.

Next Friday, April 19, sees Kensho return to bang Tao and the Xana with Atica DJ Booth for the Foxy Friday after party as we launch Beach Cinema. Check out the facebook page for more details and if you can’t make the movie, join them on the beach for the after party, you won’t be disappointed…

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