Dennis Ferrer

Dennis Ferrer

Feb 20, 2013 / By : / Category : Archive News

The last day of January, historically the worst moth of the year if you live in the western hemisphere, the hatches are battened down and hibernation is very much the winter buzz word. In South East Asia, however, specifically the stunning island of Phuket, at Xana Beach Club, overlooking Bang Tao beach, the mood is considerably lighter. It has been yet another cloud free scorcher and the Xana Beach Club is dressed up and ready to party. The reason? International superstar Dennis Ferrer is about to become the latest in a line of top class talent to take to the stage on the beach and play to a crowd made up of holidaymakers, locals and workers from all over the world.

First up is Vegas legend Frank Richards, the man behind the booking, he delivers a cool warm up, with funky basslines and a nod now and then to disco, he starts to capture the attention and as the crowd gathers, he has people dancing around the edges of the floor. The warm up is often overlooked but provides the building blocks of the night, done properly, it can lead to amazing results and tonight, the warm up has been delivered to perfection.

Next up is one of the rising stars on the Objektivity label, Andre Hommen, touring Asia alongside label head Dennis Ferrer. Andre takes things up a notch, on a techy tip, easing us into the main part of the night. Nothing too full on, just great house music, feet are tapping all around the bar and people start edging on to the big dancefloor I front of the stage. Andre picked up where Frank left off and maintained the quality tunage, getting us ready for the imminent arrival of Dennis Ferrer. Meanwhile, a huge storms edges past, bursts of lightning make for a dramatic backdrop and luckily, more for some than others, the rain doesn’t arrive. Dennis Ferrer does however, and is met with a burst of cheering from the floor as it gets busy anticipating the start of his set. This is the first time we have heard Andre Hommen but it won’t be the last, he played a blinder, leaving the floor full and the stage set for Dennis Ferrer.

Dennis Ferrer has made more than a significant contribution to discerning dancefloors the world over and has played in many unique settings but, as he looks behind him, across the beach and out to sea, at the lightning bursting across the sky, then at the crowd in front of him with the Xana pool behind them, I can’t help think that this location has gone top ten with a bullet! What follows over the next three hours, as Ferrer takes us on a musical journey, with highs and lows, some cool vocals and more than a few fierce basslines, shows why he is one of the most exciting talents on the scene at the moment. When he isn’t stretching boundaries from the studio, he is testing dancefloors around the world. As with everything that is great fun, it is over far too quickly and while the crowd erupts once again, Dennis Ferrer humbly accepts the adulation with an ear to ear grin. The Objektivity Asia tour couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.


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