Celeste Xana With Attica Preview

Celeste Siam is one of Thailand’s most successful musical exports, she lives and plays in Ibiza during the summer and spends the rest of the year either in the studio making new music or travelling the world maintaining a busy DJ diary. When winter lands in Europe, however, Celeste turns her attention back to her beloved Asia, where the cold never comes and where she can spend more time on her music and play around as region that she loves. Saturday April 20 sees Celeste become the latest house music star to grace the DJ Booth in Xana Beach Club with Attica, her set, overlooking Bang Tao Beach is an eagerly anticipated one and the home girl done good returns to her roots. We caught up with Celeste as she prepares to head to Phuket to talk about Ibiza, the rise of Phuket as a discerning clubbing destination and her forthcoming gig at Xana Beach Club with Attica…

Although you regularly travel the world DJing and live in Europe these days, you are originally from Thailand, what is it like to come home to play?
Home is a relaxed atmosphere, happy and always a welcome feeling. So yes of course, I am very glad to come back to such a place and play house music, which I love the most. It’s gonna be a good night.

How has the scene in Thailand developed over the years?
It has developed faster for electronic music, clubbing and festivals and the dance culture in a big scale. Thailand has so much potential and can do anything, there are great things coming.

How happy does it make you to see international stars playing in Thailand?
I am really happy seeing that happen because it has been a dream of mine to see great music uniting all humans, building bridges between continents and cultures throughout the world. The next step for me would be to see more Thai DJs and artists making the transition to play in clubs around the world and especially in Ibiza.

What advice would you give to Thai DJs looking to get onto the international scene and bookings?
First, make sure what music you like, then be yourself. It is a rewarding life but you have to do the homework first, take care of all the details and keep it real. For sure sooner or later the world will love you!

What are you looking forward to from your gig with Xana with Attica?
I am very excited, I have seen how the beach club supports house music and having a cool venue do that, especially in Thailand is very positive for me. I’m really looking forward to performing there, I can’t wait to see how many House music lovers move and funk on the dance floor.

How does playing in Ibiza compare to Thailand?
Ibiza is a very special place and not many places in the world can compare to it. I have a long list of why Ibiza is special from the new tunes, clubbing atmosphere, energetic vibe, new ideas, professional parties, promoters, the team work, spirit and the magic, it is so special. For me, to have a chance to visit or live there is like heaven but in my DJ career, to also have a chance to play in Ibiza, words can’t explain how I feel cause it’s too good, too amazing to be able to experience what you feel at Space Club. There are also many surprises ahead for this coming summer. About Thailand? Electronic music is growing but still a bit slow so when play here mostly I select tracks that are not too new, not too underground. Thai’s love more commercial or lyric instead.

You spend summer in Ibiza, what do you get up to in the winter?
I’m back to Asia for three reasons, firstly, I can’t resist the cold weather, I mean I can get really sick below 15 C, secondly, winter in Europe is the high seasons in Asia and thirdly, it gives me more free time to move forward with music production.

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